AgriHusta Liquid Growth Stimulator is liquid organic fertilizer using stimulate plants grow. Growth stimulator can be used for hydroponic, watering systems or via spraying via leaves and can be listed by organic certification standard. Liquid growth stimulator is 100% water soluble, black color viscous solution. Sticky form, rain does not wash away. Liquid growth stimulator is adapted for professional organic and sustainable agriculture to cultivate plants on peat substrate, rockwool, hydroponic, aquaponics or soil-based media and spraying via leaves for all plant growth stages. Also Natural nutrients complex can be used for growth stimulation, taste improving, fruit or vegetables properties increase.

The Liquid Growth Stimulator is intended for:

– Processing of a seed (soaking of seeds; tubers; bulbs; trees or bushes roots before replanting)
– For enrichment with microelements for hydroponic plants

– Enrichment and improvement of the soil structure, acceleration of composting processes;

– Increases in efficiency and reduction of introduction norms of mineral fertilizers, using together.
– For enrichment with microelements for plants via all irrigated systems

Application of fertilizers provides:

– Increase of cultivated productivity cultures to 40-60 %, depending on fertilizer type and level of the soil fertility.

– improvement plants of flavoring qualities, decrease in concentration of nitrates, increase the content of amino acids and proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fat, organic acids and other useful components.

– Improvement a survival of plants, increase of energy of germination and growing media for germination seeds;

– Development of powerful root system, activation of a metabolism and absorption mineral, macro and micro elements.

– Increases of stability to diseases and adverse weather effects;

– Weakening of toxic effect of heavy metals, chemical means, radio nuclides;

– Bio stimulation of plants growing and acceleration of agricultural maturing cultures for 1-2 weeks;

– Increase agricultural products of safety and quality;

– Soil improvement of physical, chemical, biological properties, enrichment by its acids and nutritious elements:

– Stimulation of soil microflora and fauna;

– Decrease introduction norms of mineral fertilizers until 20 %.