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About us – leader in the organic agricultural industry  the Agrichem Innovation Inc company with innovativeness technologies provides Organic hydroponic nutrients reliable and effective professional agri products. To grow organically with Organic hydroponic nutrients the food and animals in farms not only you grow health food but you also contribute to environmental protection. Organic hydroponic nutrients our company produce from agri waste and return to market by agriproducts.

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The Agrichem Innovation Inc companies group prides itself on working with its own technologies and ideas which while affecting change at the cutting edge of the agricultural industry. Our  production company introduced products which are produced with the AgriHusta brand sign. Products, such as specialty liquid organic NPK fertilizer on Nitrate Nitrogen or veterinary products suitable for organic and sustainable markets. As a result of the exclusive premium quality and effective product composition, let us be a leading producer of innovative agri products in the world organic market at this moment.

AgriHusta - organic Nitrate Nitrogen NPK fertilizer and Veterinary products

Innovative production technology of companies Agrichem Innovation let the collected pollutants of agri sector which as waste pollute the atmosphere with Carbon dioxide (CO2) or Ammonia (NH3) gasses and recycle by help of organic chemistry principles to organic agri products. After converting the gases into organic salts, we have the opportunity to use it in the liquid organic NPK fertilizer or get ingredients for veterinary product composition.  Agrichem Innovation’s unparalleled experience, technical expertise in organic chemistry, garnered close collaboration with farmers, dealers, researchers from 2008 years we have resulted in unique and premium quality products. The most innovative achievement is the possibility to save nature and return pollutants to the agri market in the form of products.

In conclusion it Agrichem Innovation company supplies organic products just to professional agri farms such as greenhouse or irrigated land food growers farms of North Americas and Europe.  Our company goal is to make our customers happy with excellent product quality, effectives and technical support service. Organic products generate enormous added value for the organic agricultural industry through its broad portfolio. Offering available organic nutrients for plants as organic Nitrate Nitrogen, Ammonium Nitrogen, soluble Calcium form or Potassium fertilizer.  Also we have a natural biostimulator’s portfolio which is  made from Leonardite, swamp humus or black peat. Today the Agrichem Innovation Inc is located in Florida state where we supply liquid organic NPK fertilizer to local and other states growers from two warehouses.

our Organic liquid NPK fertilizer efficiency

In general our liquid organic NPK fertilizer is created to increase application efficiency in organic farming. Today there is not much offer and there is a high deficiency of Nitrate Nitrogen, Calcium or Potassium element compounds available for plants in the organic market. Using our liquid organic NPK fertilizer via all watering systems or spraying methods are capable of achieving extremely high and economical results.

The handling and application of liquid organic NPK fertilizer is simple, no additional education. Organic NPK fertilizer have these advantages:

– Organic fertilizer has the same compositions as mineral fertilizer
– NPK fertilizer has no competition in the organic market
– Same using and calculating of NPK rates
– No require additional explanation or special worker education
– Organic Nitrate Nitrogen fertilizer contains transparent solution
– Fast plants grow effect
– Liquid fertilizer has no liquid fat, no insoluble particles
– In contact by water no foaming.

AgriHusta - organic Nitrate Nitrogen NPK fertilizer and Veterinary products

Meanwhile our specialty organic liquid NPK fertilizer (mineral kind) contains soluble and very available elements such as Nitrate, Ammonium, Calcium, Potassium ions. Organic fertilizer composition is adapted to feed or cultivate plants on peat substrate, rockwool, aquaponics or soil-based media via all watering systems. 
Most importantly, our technologies offer the liquid organic fertilizer with ionic structure to produce NPK elements which are very effective form. Also, dissolved salt of NPK elements in water not foaming during plant feeding time. Unlike what it offers other manufacturers of organic fertilizer on an oil (amino acids) basis. In any case our AgriHusta products can compete by better quality and better product effectiveness in the organic market or change the standard mineral fertilizer with our same composition products in the food cultivation area. Agronomists or engineers our products can use without special equipment changing, special testing or additional worker education. Easy to use for any agronomist or with planned plants to grow programs which support our compounds as well which allow us to plan cultivation effects and harvest quality.

our organic veterinary products efficiency

AgriHusta brand veterinary products are produced by new innovative technology which provide advanced and preventive animal healthcare. Our effective products range opening new possibilities in professional farms where we are led completely to eliminate antibiotics from animal feeding ration. We recommend our natural veterinary products protection on Ficocianine basis which need use with animal feed together. Additionally the veterinary care products are enriched by specially cultivated Spirulina algae on our innovative technology which are rich of natural sugars, manna oligosaccharides, and phosphorated  D-glucans. This product complex allows animals to grow ecologically and to get good productivity by natural protection action without antibiotics.  

We are increasing the efficiency of agricultural production in all states of the United States

Today the AgriHusta organic liquid NPK fertilizer is used to increase efficiency in organic farming. Obtaining a higher yield, improving the taste and production characteristics. Also generating requirements for increased yields in organic farming we offer available plants nutrients for agricultural yields to optimize. At the same time we promote organic NPK fertilizer with low carbon footprints.