organic food production revolution

Brand of AgriHusta is the means by which we engage in the organic food production revolution. Products of called AgriHusta brand they have a clear brand model that drives each of their action. To bring this ambition to life, we’ve defined the AgriHusta brand model, which is a framework to define, position and activate our innovative products in organic agri market.

This brand model has as its unique starting point the focus on healthy food, who promotes the organic live, clean nature and healthy food. But it also takes the following to make up a AgriHusta brand:

  • a strong point of view and purpose that justify its existence in the world and relevancy for people,
  • a commitment to help improve the health of people, as well as to help protect our planet. With One Planet. One Health being the backbone of every AgriHusta brand, we now have in our portfolio a innovative products which signature to life.

So far, the movement is well under way with new organic products already engaged in their AgriHusta journey.

Our ambition is that each AgriHusta product will become a innovative, powering the food revolution, and driving profitable, sustainable agri growth. This is how AgriHusta brand is differ from others.

At AgriHusta, people are united by a single mission: bringing health through food to as many people as possible. Across the world, our employees, whatever their role, are passionate and committed to leading the change to encourage more sustainable and healthier eating and drinking practices.

Agri-related challenges are increasingly complex. To meet them, AgriHusta is working with a wide range of partners, designing and deploying sustainable solutions with researchers, consumers, NGOs, health professionals, farmers, suppliers, retailers and government agencies.

Strengthening and managing these diverse alliances has become a strategic necessity as well as a measure of our effectiveness and credibility.

When we build a more sustainable future together with our partners and entrepreneurs who share our vision, we put our belief in social progress and economic growth into action, creating value in local communities and centering the environment at the core of our business.