Organic fertilizer

For all professional food growers, we offer in in the electronic stores section Commercial Use the exclusive products. There are the Nitrate-Nitrogen-based organic NPK fertilizers very available for plants. Here you will find organic NPK fertilizer for Commercial Use directly from producer.
Organic Plant Food in product contains thoughtful ingredients that are safe, all natural, and organic. Our blend of organic NPK fertilizer is specifically formulated for greenhouses, soil based plants grow with the environment in agri sector.

Working with organics can make a large, positive impact on your plant’s overall health and growth.
Easy to Use because is water-soluble, so it feeds your plants instantly. Easy to understand instructions makes using our solution simple to apply, even for beginner plant parents! Just dilute the liquid NPK organic fertilizer with water, apply, and watch your plants thrive!
All-Purpose – Proven to be effective for both plant care and organic gardening. Use with all common plant types (indoor and outdoor) in various grow systems.