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Organic Nitrate NPK fertilizer production is our ambition that each AgriHusta brand product would become innovative, powering food revolution, driving profitable farming, sustainable or organic agri growth.

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AgriHusta products are liquid Organic Nitrate NPK fertilizer. Developed fertilizer with innovative technologies on an organic chemistry basis is an alternative to mineral Nitrate Nitrogen fertilizer. Our company has a vision for a healthier sustainable or organic world which will be free of harmful fertilizers. Agriichem Innovation Inc company technologies let to recycle local agri waste and return it in organic products form.  Environmentally friendly products range creates a bio-organically and sustainable future. Agrichem Innovation Inc company works and supports organizations which are committed and making this world  a better place. Together we can offer exclusive products for professional food growers and technologies for industry. 


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Having the organic Nitrate Nitrogen fertilizer production we have possibilities to recycle agri waste as fresh manure and Nitrogen liquids but atmosphere pollution gasses too.
We are devoted to our technologies which open up new possibilities to contribute to waste recycling and nature protection.
It’s the company people who have created innovative technologies and made this business successful. We strive to be recognized in this important business direction and we are always looking for new solutions. It is very important to create a clear environment, safe technological solutions, support the agri market with the right products and share the Agrichem Innovation company’s success processes.