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Our ambition is that each AgriHusta product would become innovative, powering the food revolution, driving profitable, sustainable or organic agri growth.

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AgriHusta products it is organically sustainable liquid fertilizer and veterinary products. Developed as an alternative to Nitrate mineral fertilizers and antibiotic elimination from animals care. We have a vision for a healthier sustainable or organic world free of harmful fertilizers. The animals meat without antibiotics where people have easy affordable access to naturally nutritious food. AgriHusta products brand is our step towards a bio-organically and sustainable future.
Beyond our environmentally friendly products range our company supports and works with a number of organizations who, like us, are committed to making this a better world to live in.


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AgriHusta - organic Nitrate Nitrogen NPK fertilizer and Veterinary products

Having pioneered the organic Nitrate Nitrogen fertilizer category where use our production agri waste (atmosphere pollution gasses). We are devoted about our products therefore we are equally passionate and committed to our nature. It’s the company people who have created innovative technologies and made this business successful. We strive to be recognized in this important business direction and we are always looking for a new solution. We are very clear about the environment we want to maintain an environment that is safe, fair, fun, supportive, honest and respect an environment where everyone is heard, and everyone gets to share in the company’s success.