AgriHusta Liquid Nutrients Complex For Hydroponic is liquid organic fertilizer using as nutrients complex for hydroponic and watering systems or spraying via leaves which can be listed by organic certification standard. Liquid nutrients complex is 100% water soluble, black color viscous solution. Sticky form, rain does not wash away. Liquid fertilizer is adapted for professional organic and sustainable agriculture to cultivate plants on peat substrate, rockwool, hydroponic, aquaponics or soil-based media and spraying via leaves for all plant growth stages. Also Natural nutrients complex can be used for growth stimulation, taste improving, fruit or vegetables properties and grow media restoring.

Organic nutrients complex contains:

– More 45 micro-macro elements as N, P, K, Ca, Na, Mg, Cd, Ni, Pd, C, Cr, Cu, Zn, S, I, Se, Mo, Fe, As, U, Th, Sr, Sh, Bi, V, La, Cr, Mg, Ba, Ti, Al, W, Hg, Ga, Si , Mn, F, Be, Co, B

– More 11 organic acids as humic, fulvic , indole butyric, pantothenic and naphthylacetic acids, carboxylic acids , humic salts, para-amino benzoic acid.

– More 60 organic substances as carotene, sterols, proteins, vitamins E, Cobalamin (B12), Biotin (H), Thiamine (B1), Pyridoxine (B6), Niacin (PP) , D, C, minerals, chlorophyll , oils, xanthophylls’, sugars, enzymes, triacontanol, alcohols, natural organic stimulators, natural antibiotics , probiotics, peptides, carbohydrates, estrogens, ketones, flavonida, cycloalkanes, phenol, naftalan, metalloporphyrins.

– Complex soil microorganisms 59 000 000 CFU/mg as Lactobacillaceae plantarum, Lactococcus lactis, Leuconostae, Streptococcus cremoris, S. diacetilactum, S. Salivarium, Sacccharomyces cerevisae, S. unisporum, Torulapsis chaerica, Torulaspora delbrueskii, Kluyveromyces lactis Mammococcus, L. acidophilus, LB Bulgaricum, Candida, C holmii, C. friendrchii, Bacillus, Ammonifiers, St Aureus, C. Diphythriac gravis.