Organic Potassium Nitrate

AgriHusta - organic Nitrate Nitrogen NPK fertilizer and Veterinary products

AgriHusta Liquid complex fertilizer NPK 3-0-9 is with a binary composition. This product is a high-quality specialty liquid organic fertilizer maximum concentrated in water. Which contain 3.00% Nitrate Nitrogen and 9.00% Potassium oxide ions concentration in composition.

The physical and chemical properties of AgriHusta Liquid complex fertilizer NPK 3-0-9 a highly versatile for the professional organic agriculture market with major elements which are very available form to the plants.

Organic Nitrate Nitrogen fertilizer is highly beneficial in improving fruit size, dry matter, color, taste, and integrity. Also, increase the resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses for all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

For instance, the liquid organic fertilizer activates at least 60 different enzymes that involved plant growth and metabolism. Regulates water balance of the plant.



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